Gin Fish - Papa Salt meets Pips Plate

Wednesday 22nd May | 4pm to 8pm
North Byron Hotel

Salty Evening of Fish Snacks, Martini’s & Tunes

A must hit event on the Caper calendar, elevate your spirits with Pip’s plate and local gin masters, Papa Salt for snacks and sips in the North Byron Beer Garden. Think fresh oysters, martinis, hot buttered bread with smoked fish dips, gin cured fish canapés & charred fish wings straight off the coals.

Pip is using underrated, local heroes of the seas to promote the importance of sustainable fishing and treading lightly on our oceans. Join us from 4pm for salty snacks, sips & tunes by Dingo Balearico.

DJ: George Barnes

Drinks: Martini’s, gin soda and tonic

Fish Snacks: Locally sourced and sustainable cuts of fish, showcasing underrated species to promote responsible consumption and tread lightly on our seas.

Gildas & Martini on arrival

Fresh Oysters w gin, yuzu/grapefruit granita

Gin cured fish - Papa salt gin, mountain pepper, ooray plum

Charcoal fish wings- Hung over the fire w anise myrtle served w macadamia, caper, herb, currants

Smoked local Mullet & Tailor, hot bread, wattle-seed butter & pickles